Fasteners come in a wide variety of specifications, but whether you are planning to use a Bolt, Screw, Rivets, Anchors, Threaded Rods, U-Bolt clamps, selecting material suitable for the intended application is an important concern. For example, choosing a fastener made of steel rather than aluminum can greatly affect the quality and duration of the joint it forms.


Numerous factors, such as environmental circumstances, presence of corrosive elements, physical stress requirements, and overall structural stability, can similarly influence material effectiveness.



The majority of industrial fasteners are produced from Aluminum, Brass, Yellow Zinc, Zinc Plating, and various grades of steel such as Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.8 and Stainless Steel. 


In addition, metals such as titanium are also valuable for building fasteners, although they have very specific applications in a narrow range of fields. Generally, fastener materials are judged on their mechanical properties, potential for post-fabrication treatments, cost-efficiency, and several other secondary criteria.